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Casa Mayor Yoga Retreat Reviews:

Casa Mayor

This place feels to me like one big act of meditation stretched out over time. There’s a thoughtfulness in the positioning of every shrub and flower pot. Everything is quietly purposeful. Each time I return there is something new, but it is always careful - and right - adding to the unique atmosphere, never out of place, welcoming, enhancing the vision Bill and Deirdre talk about on their Sunburst Revolution site - of creating a place of healing that belongs to the world.

Compassion is not just an emotion, it is seeing clearly the truth about how we should treat each-other. 

Compassion is also the energy we generate in our yoga.

It is the spirit which makes Casa Mayor feel like a home we return to.

The Sunburst Revolution tells us it wants something of this spirit to be passed on, from hand to hand, like a strong olive wood stave as we continue our journeys. 

I hope that we can all, in our different ways, take up that challenge of ‘the olive wood baton’

Thank you for creating an oasis of wholesome tranquility in this troubled world,
I have appreciated and enjoyed the time spent here - till next time

Thanks for another wonderful week in paradise
Dot xx

Thanks for your warmth and wonderful hospitality
Shirley xx

All year I remember the flowers and light and the food at Casa Mayor.
The combination of all your little touches is so unique.
Thank you again,

Thank you for creating this jewel of peace and harmony.
And your cooking is wonderful.
Hope to see you all next year,
Bridget x

What a heavenly haven you have here.
Thanks for your generous hospitality and all the delicious meals
Viv x

Can't thank you enough for the care you have put into creating this peaceful, warm sanctuary.
I feel truly rested and nourished from yoga,sun, food and socialising.
I feel charmed to have experienced this space and opportunity for calm and reflection,
love Katy

Thank you for creating Casa Mayor,
It has brought enormous peace to a weary soul, and to many people who travel here not knowing themselves anymore.
Its a place where you can find yourself again, meet yourself, and even like yourself
which is something that is beyond words and it just happens when you feel comfortable and relaxed.
I appreciate how hard you work, and I wish you health and happiness,
and prosperity for many years to come.
Your friend, Emma x

Thank you for making us feel like we belong here.
It has been an amazing week full of lovely food and experiences.
I really hope we can come back someday.
I will truly miss you both and Casa Mayor.
It will be hard to say goodbye in the morning!

Thank you!

Thank you for space, peace, a home, love, food, comfort, safety, the sun, the animals, the possibility....
Love & light 

I have fallen in love with Casa Mayor - you will see me again!
Thank you so much for creating and sharing this inspiring place with us all.
Its a real inspiration to me - you are living my dream! day......

Kind & generous hospitality & the perfect retreat
x Thank you! x Light and love, Sam

Your warmth, openess and hospitality are an inspiration!
Thank you for sharing this beautiful space.

Thank you so much for the warmth and love you show through food, laughter, and being you.
I have so enjoyed staying here, in this beautiful house, with the beautiful garden and wonderful yoga studio,
and the magnificent food.
Love, Jenny

Deirdre, Bill & dogs,
Thank you for making this such an incredible week.
This place is so full of light & healing energy, the food itself can heal your soul!! 
Its hard to put into words how special Casa Mayor is.
Its a place for insight & growth, beautiful walks, wonderful animals & laughter.
Much love to you all,

It was an amazing week here in Casa Mayor,
great food, I will miss this place so much.
Bill & Dee are very nice people, place full of love.
Thank you Deirdra, 

Thank you both for another amazing stay!!
Hopefully back again next year...
Lots of love, Christine

A very special place floating in mountains, mist, truth, peace and love.
Wishing all the good things for the future.
Love, Niamh.
Thank you ever so much

What can I say that has not already been said.
You are two of the most welcoming, friendly and happy people I have ever met.
"Home away from home" is an understatement. I love this place... such beauty!
Unbelievable food, company and comfort,
I really dont want to leave.
See you next year

The homely ambience created by Deirdra & Bill is world-class for any venue.
Calm, supportive, available yet unobtrusive, and generous.
The site is wonderful, and so thoughtfully built and maintained
Clive & Jill

Thanks for the warm welcome, the fantastic food, the friendship, the wisdom & the guitar lessons !
Steve & Carmen

Thank you for welcoming us to your beautiful home.
I feel restored & refreshed... would love to stay longer!
lots of love, Katie

It has been a very special time, in a very special place, with very special people!
Hope I can come again,
Thank you so much,

I said if you asked me twice, I would stay!!
You have been so kind, so welcoming, so much so that I really don't want to leave!
It has been the most perfect break, everything I could have asked for, and more. 
Thank you for your warmth, kindness, generosity and for sharing Casa Mayor with us.
I do hope that I will be back again soon, to bang that gong!!
Thank you so much,

Thank you so much for looking after us this week,
everything has been perfect - the scenery, weather and food!!
Hope this is the first of many visits.
Continued health, happiness and success at Casa Mayor.

Great to see you both again.
Thanks for making it another brilliant and inspiring holiday.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful place, delicious food, lovely environment!
Denis & Christine

Muchas gracias-
for all the kind care & delicious food,
and the beauty & peace of Casa Mayor 

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